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Biblia Luna is a free newsletter published weekly, exploring the intersection between mental illness and Christian faith. I started this newsletter as a way to reach out and share the good news that God loves you, even those of you who live with mental illness. So often the church has kept quiet about God’s message for people with mental illnesses. But God is not quiet about it: God is a God of love, not judgment. God loves you, God wants you to be whole, God desires that you be healed. (Although healing sometimes takes a lifetime, or longer…)

Who I Am

Biblia Luna is written by me, Rev. Michael J. Scholtes. I’ve been a parish pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for over fifteen years. I’ve lived with major depressive disorder (and several suicide attempts) for over thirty-five years. I’m the author of the book Darkwater: A Pastor’s Memoir of Depression and Faith (Boyle & Dalton, 2022). Since the book’s publication, I have begun traveling to speak publicly about my experience with depression, and to encourage and equip faith communities to do what they can to validate and welcome people to share their stories.

What’s in the Newsletter

Each week, you’ll receive in your inbox a newsletter, which will generally include a few things:

  • Crazy Lectionary: A look at the following Sunday’s readings in the Revised Common Lectionary (the series of readings used by many Protestant churches, and very similar to the Roman Catholic missal). I’ll share some reflections on how one or more of the readings connects with mental health. This could be a helpful resource for clergy and others preparing sermons, and it might be interesting to many others as well.

  • Bats in the Belfry: One or more resources I’ve discovered online or in other places, that might be helpful both to those with mental illnesses, and to those who want to understand more. (Resources will include websites, book, podcasts, and more. I’m always interested in finding new resources — let me know!)

  • Biblia Blessings: A scripture passage or other quote chosen to hopefully provide inspiration and hope for you.

  • Darkwater Update: Occasional news about upcoming events and other things regarding my book, Darkwater.

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The intersection of mental health and faith


I am the author of "Darkwater: A Pastor's Memoir of Depression and Faith." I am very interested in exploring the intersection between mental health and faith. I want to offer validation for people facing mental challenges.